What makes a good school team?


We talk a lot about teams and teamwork in schools.

We have team leaders and team teaching and how the entire school staff works as a team. We recognize and proclaim that what we may not be able to do alone as individual teachers, we can do superbly when joined with colleagues functioning as a team.

Indeed, creating a team and making teamwork the dominant mode of operation are the keys to making us all more effective – and the keys to creating a better school.

The question is: What makes a good school team?

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Culture: The Social Footprint of Our School


Culture: The Social Footprint of Our School
By Jeffrey Smith

We all strive for a strong, healthy culture, but what does this really mean? Schools tend to develop personalities that are shaped and shared by the entire community. As people respond to the conditions of their environment, behaviors become patterned and evolve into norms. These are deeply embedded beliefs and unwritten rules that permeate day-to-day operations. The strongest of these norms become rituals, traditions, and rules that describe the collective psychological attitudes, experiences, and beliefs of your school.

Culture can be described as the shared assumptions guiding interpretation, and action for appropriate behavior in all circumstances. Culture is holistic having been determined by history. It is socially constructed, and slow to change.

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